Saturday, December 16, 2006

Quite Frankly...

Well this is new....hello! *yells out into the open world of the net* Yeah I know that sounded stupid to whoever might be reading. Yes I've had a blog before online...just not like this one.

This one's more advanced and new to me kinda than my old one at DA and what I mean by that is I can post pictures here will mostly be fanart that kinda thing and other stuff as well. where as at Da you had to pay to do that stuff...I don't really have much to say...well actualyl i do but you'll find most of my other stuff at DA still just cause thats where I am used to posting.

Mostly though instead of going into deep things like my owne at DA might I'll probably use this one to flesh out story Ideas, art rant about stuff I don't really want to or need to explain mainly cuase I don't think here I'll get asked questions. I mean I like questions but sometimes I don't know its weird, I'm weird like that at this moment. And still getting used to everything here...

It's fun and as soon as I can I'm gonna learn how to post pictures that I don't feel like uploading to Da sometimes I don't even feel like uploading stuff there for everyone to see cause I do so much I it. Wow...this is getting odd.

Hmm I don't know, better than the first blog I ever did though i sounded probably like depressed or something and even made my best friend worry. XD Yeah I know, brillaint wasn't I?

Anywho...I don't really have that much to say at the moment. So I'm gonna log off and go exploring.